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About Us :

ODC was established on 22.02.2002 at Hyderabad by Mr P Seshadri, a HRD & TQM professional from Nagpur to serve customers in the
following areas

Training & Consulting on

  • All ISO Standards
  • Lean concepts
  • Business Excellence Models
  • Customised Training Programmes on TQM & HRD

ODC had established itself as the leading consultants and trainers by serving more than 1000 clients (Clients list ) in the state of Andhra Pradesh during the period February 2002 till July 2011.

During 2002-2011 , Mr P Seshadri had conceptualised and implemented few initiatives to build confidence of customers on ISO standards, which include :

  • Annual ISO Conference
  • Monthly MR’s Meet
  • Launching ISO Campus ( academy for iso professionals)
  • ODC Review – The Newsletters from ODC
  • ODC Technical Seminars , One Day Workshops etc
  • Writing & Publishing a book titled

The Power of ISO Standards
  – Choose it (The Practices) , Use it (The Actions) , Feel it (The Benefits) 

As a strategic move , ODC has now moved on to differentiate itself in the global market by way of changing business focus of consulting organisation and establishing a new business for ISO certifications (founded on 7th May 2011 and operationalised from 1st August 2011) with ACCAB accreditation (www.accab.org) .

ODC is maintaining it's reasons brand name for obvious reasons for both the organisations . However, ODC as an acronym in both the organisations signifies differently as mentioned in the note:

Organisation Development Consultants 

Focus : Consulting & Training Services on "Sustainability Reporting"

Note : ODC stands for Organisation Development Consultants

ODC Standards Certifications (India) Private Limited

Focus : Training & Certification – ISO Standards

(www.odccert.org )
Note : ODC stands for Organise , Develop , Conform